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Getting A Car Loan On A Disability Check With No Job

Whether your credit score is 400, 500, 650 or above, getting a car loan primarily depends on your source of income, how steady is your income, and how much money you receive monthly. Therefore, it is not impossible for someone to be qualified for a car loan while receiving disability.

Before you are qualified for a car loan, the car dealership or lender will conduct a credit check to determine your credit worthiness. If the lender gather that you are in a not too bad of a credit situation, say sub prime, averaging about 550 to 610, then they will take the next step towards financing.

They will check your budget to determine whether your income far out paste your expenses. If after all your monthly expenses you are left with about $500 to $650 and the vehicle you are requesting is within the $10,000 range they will move on to the next step.

The lender might ask you some questions about your disability. Is it a permanent situation? Did you receive disability status while being active in the military? These questions will help the lender understand how stable is your disability income and help him / her to frame a financing deal appropriate to your financial capabilities.

If your credit is not at least of sub prime level, that means, if your credit is really bad, then you should consider having a co signer such as a spouse or parent with good credit sign for your loan.

A co signer with good FICO score can help reduce interest rates on car loan dramatically.

If you can afford it put a down payment on the vehicle. A deposit is always a good way of reducing both the APR and length of the loan. Good luck!

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  • 750 - 800 Excellent Credit
  • 700 - 749 Good Credit
  • 650 - 699 Prime Score
  • 600 - 649 Poor Credit
  • 300 - 599 Bad Credit
  • 740 - 800 Super prime  car loan rates 
  • 700 - 739 Preferred  auto rates
  • 650 - 680 Prime car loan rates
  • 570 - 640 Sub-prime car loan
  • 500 - 560 Bad credit car loan  
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