car loan application

Car Loan Application

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How to Guarantee approval on car loan

A car loan application can be reviewed and approved with greater speed, if the information on the application form is accurate and complete.

Inaccurate or incomplete information can result in a disqualified loan application.

Here are some thing your can do to ensure you have completed your auto loan application correctly.

  1. Your Social Security number must be on the application for it to be processes.
  2. Check your credit report prior to filling in the application. Credit can be used as a negotiating tool during the application.
  3. Double check your email address. Many car dealerships, banks and credit unions may choose to communicate with your via email.
  4. Use are valid phone number. In fact, put all your contact numbers to ensure you can be reached at all times: work phone, home phone, cell phone, phone of co signer, etc.
  5. Give accurate figure about your income. Include income from alimony, child support, work, disability, and income from side projects.
  6. Not reporting enough income can disqualify you for the loan or affect the terms of the loan.
  7. Give accurent address or residency status.
  8. Give current information on bankruptcy and loan delinquency.