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Bad Credit No Credit Car Loan

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Getting a Good Deal On A Bad Credit Auto Loan

Car loans are available to those with bad credit. Bad credit car loans make it possible to purchase a car even if you have some credit challenges. Bad credit auto loans are offered by a niche group of lenders, and increasingly, traditional lenders that are willing to make high risk loans to borrowers with bad credit.

A bad credit car loan should offer you an opportunity to rebuild your credit. Look for bad credit auto financing programs that report to each of the three credit bureaus monthly or quarterly. You will improve bad credit by making timely payments each month.

Bad credit loans offer second and even third chances…at a price. Bad credit auto financing is likely to cost a little extra in terms of interest rates, however, you should not be asked to pay finder’s fees or other exorbitant costs to secure your bad credit auto loan. You should also expect that your bad credit auto loan makes the terms of the loan clear at the outset. Auto financing for bad credit should be affordable and carry no hidden fees.

When you close the loan on your bad credit auto financing deal be sure to read the fine print. Ask questions about your bad credit loan and avoid signing a bad credit car loan contract with blank spaces. Do not let your bad credit auto financing program tack on extra charges such as insurance, “on call attorney” programs and so forth. Car loans for bad credit should be much like other loans except for interest rates, which will be higher. Bad credit equals risk and thus higher interest.

Auto financing for bad credit should offer realistic opportunities to rebuild bad credit; it should not mire you in insurmountable debt. Look for bad credit auto financing that improves your interest rate as you improve bad credit with timely payments. Also, look for a bad credit loan that allows for early repayment with no penalties if you payoff your bad credit auto loan before the bad credit loan term expires.

If you need bad credit car financing do your homework before choosing a bad credit loan. Auto loans for those with bad credit can be obtained online as well as through local financial institutions.

Although some bad credit loans are designed to offer a hand up, others are designed to take advantage of desperate consumers with bad credit and in need of a bad credit car loan. Do not let your need for a bad credit loan make you susceptible to theft of your personal information or your money.

New and Used Auto Loan Financing for People With Bad Credit

Having a difficult time getting an auto loan from the dealer? Are the banks turning you away in a hurry as well? Let’s face it, if your credit is less than perfect, you may feel like you are running out of options for getting an auto loan financed.

Most lenders will make you feel like you can’t get an auto loan because they aren’t willing to take on the risk of lending to sub prime auto loan applicants. Although being placed in the “sub prime” category does limit your options, it doesn’t mean that you are completely out of luck.

There are plenty of options for the bad credit auto loan borrower. Many online auto loan lenders give buyers with bad credit a chance at owning a nice new or used car.

First, you need to understand what goes into getting a bad credit auto loan and why many lenders are willing to take a chance with bad credit borrowers.

Understanding Your Credit Score

A bad credit auto loan borrower is typically someone with anything less than a 620, and in some cases a 650 FICO score. This could have been from past bills that went unpaid, late payments, and many other factors.

Typically credit mistakes occur when a person doesn’t understand the importance of their credit score for their future and they make bad decisions. It could also be due to financial hardship, and being unable to pay bills on time.

Make sure you run a credit report, preferably with all 3 major credit bureaus. Many times mistakes have been made on your report, and items that should have been removed are still counting against you.

Knowing what your credit score is before applying for an auto loan can lead you in the right direction as to where you should look for financing.

If you have a high-risk credit score, don’t bother trying to get financed through the dealer or the bank. It will only discourage you more. Instead take a look online for companies that specialize in this type of loan.

Remember That Your Credit Can Improve Over Time

There are ways to get mistakes removed from your report, and writing the credit bureaus is one way to take care of these issues.

Since you are probably in a bad credit situation if you are reading this, know that it is something that can be fixed over time through research and action.

You can also pay for an experienced credit professional to assist you in writing the bureaus and getting negative marks removed. Although this service usually costs hundreds, it could save you thousands in the future.

Check online resources and ask friends and family who may have been in a similar situation. You would be surprised at how many people have dealt with similar credit issues in the past.

Once go through the process and fix your credit issues over time, you will not have to worry about getting a bad credit auto loan approved.

After your credit has improved, you will be able to walk into a car dealership or bank with confidence, knowing that they are going to finance your auto loan based on your new and improved credit score.

Find Bad Credit Auto Loan Companies

There are many online auto loan companies specializing in bad credit auto loan lending. Typically there is going to be a difference in auto loan interest rates depending on your credit score.

The interest rates are typically much higher for a bad credit auto loan candidate than they are for your average good credit borrower.

Most bad credit auto buyers start the process knowing that their credit score is a minor roadblock in getting a car loan. It’s best to make sure you are comfortable with the rate you are quoted, and that you are not getting pushed into a loan with poor terms. This is why it’s imperative that you read over the terms carefully when signing papers.

Get Your Auto Loan Funded

Now that you understand the process of getting an auto loan with bad credit, you should be much more confident. You have options to explore, and many companies out there who will lend you money regardless or your credit history.

After all, you deserve a new vehicle and a fresh start. Think about how easy it will be to get a car loan financed in the future. And for now, knowing how to get an auto loan with bad credit should give you plenty of confidence.

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Bad Credit But Looking For Car Loan - Loan For You Available Now

To understand the bad credit and car loan properly first we will have to understand that what is bad credit and how car financing is beneficial.

Bad Credit- Your credit history is a record of all past financial commitments and your pattern of repayment, as well as an overall look at your total debt load. Credit reference agencies use this information to assess your credit worthiness and assign a credit score. Lenders then use the credit score as a factor in deciding whether or not to underwrite your loan. Though each lender has its own definition but usually credit score of less than 620 lands you in this less-than-desirable category.

How Did I Get A Bad Credit History?

• Anytime you are late making a payment,

• miss a payment,

• default on a debt,

• Or fail to otherwise fulfill a financial contract or commitment, this information is reported to credit reference agencies.

You met with several lenders and everybody confirmed that you are eligible for a car loan. However, when you applied for the car, it gets rejected. When you ask the lender to reveal the problem with your application, he says there is problem with your credit score and that you have poor credit. If you were suffering from bad credit then it was a very common problem for you that you visit several borrowers, you spend your time, efforts and money on visiting and in last you land up with rejected application by all lenders. These all things are now days in money lending market a history.

There are lenders who even consider the bad credit also. Bad credit car loans are customized loans meant specially for people with bad credit score. With a bad credit car loan, a borrower can not only buy a new car, can opt for refinance but also gets a chance to improve his credit record and his reputation. Once you get, a bad credit car loan, you by a car and use as you wish. To make the loan processing fast these loans are available on net also, where you can apply, you can search different options etc. If you don't have a car in mind already, then the lending company expert counselors will be quite helpful in advising you based on your loan amount, your income and the purpose for which you are taking bad credit car loan. So finally, don't be discouraged if your earliest attempts at financing have failed.


While applying for car financing, you need to provide evidence of the following:

Income statement or salary details

Residence proof

Identification Proof

Your bank statement showing credit of your monthly salary

Your employment duration details.

Loan Amount & Interest: The loan amount and the interest rate vary as per the business policy of the lending company and it depends on the borrower status also. But as now there are various lending sources there shouldn’t be panic, before going for that you should certainly do the survey in the lending market and as per the need you can do the bargain with them.

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Helpful Tips And Advice On Obtaining A Bad Credit Car Loan

If you have bad credit, getting a loan for a car or any kind of loan presents a problem. There are companies that offer bad credit car loans for people who have filed for bankruptcy, have slow pay history or other severe credit problems.

The majority of Internet sites that offer to give you a bad credit car loan are really just loan mills that collect your information and sell it third party loan companies that specialize in bad credit car loans.

These companies that advertise bad credit car loans are not in the position to approve your application or get you a car. The application that you complete online arrives at their data center. They send this information to several dealerships that offer bad credit car loans. If you apply online for a bad credit car loan you will receive a barrage of telephone calls and junk mail soliciting your business.

The best option is to go directly to your local car dealership that offers bad credit car loans to apply for credit. Your interest rate will be high and your selection of the type of car you can purchase may be limited. However, you will be sure that you are dealing directly with a real company that will try to get you a car regardless of your credit history.

Some bad credit car companies will allow you to take over the payment on a very nice car. The prerequisite is that you need over $2,000 to purchase a lojack system. The bad credit car loan people will have the ability to disable your car if payments are not made on time. Whatever choice you make to get a bad credit car loan, insure that your payment history will be provided to the credit agencies.

Buying a car with a bad credit car loans can have a positive impact on your credit history if handled correctly. If you have a job that can be verified, and if you are not currently involved in a bankruptcy, than you can more than likely get a bad credit car loan. Call the car dealership directly and ask if you can be pre-approved for a car before you go to the dealership. Now is not the time to be shy. Your credit may be spotty but you have the opportunity to get a car and improve your credit at the same time. If you can get a pre-approval for a bad credit car loan you will feel confident before you walk into a dealership.

Working with a local dealership you can be sure that you will get assistance. After all, they make money by selling you a car. Of course they make more money because they approve bad credit car l oans, which add additional profit to the car dealership. Look at all the options that are available to you.

Bad credit did not happen overnight. Fixing bad credit takes time and persistence. Today you need a bad credit car loan but if you pay the payment in a timely manner, your next car loan can be on your terms.

For more helpful tips on obtaining a bad credit car loan try visiting a website that offers, advice, information and resources dealing with bad credit equity loans, bad credit personal loans and bad credit home loans.

Is It Possible to Refinance Your Bad Credit Car Loan?

There are however, ways of getting rid of this heavy burden, even if you still have a bad credit score or history. One of these ways, probably the best one, is to refinance your Car Loan. By refinancing you will get approved for a loan that you will use to pay off the outstanding loan sooner. And since the new loan will come with a more reasonable interest rate and fees, you will save thousands of dollars just by pursuing this simple financial transaction.

The most common reason why people need to refinance is their inability to repay the loan because they can’t meet the extremely high monthly payments. One may wonder why they accepted those loan terms. The answer is simple: Car dealers' and vendors' dishonest behavior tend to convince buyers to sign contracts they cannot commit to. They hide fees and lie about the true interest rate that will be charged for the loan. This added to the desperate situation most people with bad credit go through, ends up with the signing of a loan contract that becomes unbearable.

Loan Repayment Programs tailored to your needs

To make things simple you need to tell your refinance loan lender exactly how much money you are able and willing to destine to your car loan monthly payments. As long as you keep this amount at a reasonable level, you won’t have problems repaying your loan. A reasonable level is an amount between 20% and 40% of the remaining of your income after you’ve deducted all of your expenses. In other words, you should only commit to monthly installments up to 40% of your money saving power.

The lender will schedule your monthly payments with this information and according to this; he will determine the loan length, interest rate and amount of the monthly installments.

Reduced Interest Rate

When refinancing your car loan, you’ll be able to reduce your monthly payments by extending the length of the loan or simply because the interest rate you’ll pay will drop. The interest rate will be reduced even if you have a bad credit score. Since there are a lot more car loan lenders available and market conditions have improved, the competition has reduced the interest rates for car loans significantly. If you take the time to compare different offers you may get an interest rate 3 or 4 points lower than the one you’re currently paying.

The secret for getting a good deal is not to accept the first offer you are presented. You can request loan quotes from many lenders and after comparing them you can even contact the lenders again and ask them if they can improve their offer showing them the best offer you received from another lender. They’ll probably drop the interest rate a bit more and then you can close on a great deal. Don’t be afraid to fight it, they will be making money with the loan anyway so they might as well struggle a bit to get you.

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Bad Credit Car Loans: Getting Behind the Wheels With Bumpy Credit

A car with bad credit, just like any other car, will give you the ride you want. Okay, they might not be served on a platter but if you need a car…. but they are worth the ride. Customers suffer from bad credit circumstances do not mean they are bad people. It only means things happened! And every loan lender that is providing you with bad credit car loans do understand that. With car loans for bad credit you not only get the car you want there are added surprises on the runway.

Chances that you are getting Bad credit car loans are extremely bright. Banks, credit unions, finance companies all are providing loans for bad credit. People who would not qualify for bad credit car loans just five years ago can now easily meet the criteria.

When a borrower has bad credit, it will be a good start to begin with credit report. Every borrower is assigned credit score based on his performance with previous loans. It is a three digit number that most of the lenders use to evaluate the risk while lending you car loans. Each one of the credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and Trans Union will have a copy of your credit report. Most lenders use Fico score which ranges from 300-850. Fico score 580 -500 and less means bad credit. This means you are heading for bad credit car loans. Now knowing your credit score is important for many lenders can take advantage of your ignorance.

Okays, assuming that you do know your credit score – let’s talk about bad credit car loans process. There is not much difference, yet there is a significant difference. Interest rates and down payment is the place where real difference shows. Interest rates with bad credit car loans will be higher as is the case with any bad credit loan. So there is no escaping that. Interest rates for Bad credit car loans would vary with credit score and will range from 5%-26%.

Down payment depending on the severity of the bad credit can range from 20%-50%. Bad credit car loans are short term loans. A down payment is a good way of negotiating bad credit car loans interest rates in your favour. Even small down payment can open some seriously good options for bad credit borrowers. Bad credit loan term will range from 2-5 years. Extending it further won’t be beneficial in financial terms.

Not every loan lender will be offering bad credit car loans but there are lenders who are ready to take the risk. You will find many lenders offering bad credit car loans. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to search. There are many lenders who would make false claims. Look around for interest rates and terms offered. Compare the various bad credit car loans and then opt for the best one.

The best way to protect your investments is knowledge. An uneducated lender will always pay more for bad credit loans. First know the real cost of the car you want to purchase and add the dealer’s profit. This will be the bad credit car loan amount you will be applying for. Make sure you can afford it. Just because you can get bad credit car loans doesn’t mean you have to take it. If you have hesitations regarding repayment refrain from borrowing until when financial condition is better.

With Bad credit car loans there is an added benefit. Bad credit car loans are a great tool to rebuild credit. If make no faults with your bad credit car loans then they can actually improve credit. Your performance with bad credit car loans is bound to shine in your credit report if it is good.

Many borrowers who think that with bad credit they have no options and have to take whatever they are offered. This of course is not true. There are many options available with bad credit car loans. Therefore look around carefully. You will find that the search is worth it. You will save a lot in the long run. Plan ahead when you are looking for bad credit car loans and you are bound to find a bad credit car loan that places you behind the wheels you want.

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Bad Credit Car Loans: Things To Watch Closely!

Since traditional lenders and dealerships don’t deal with loans for people with bad credit, you will have to face unknown lenders that will of course charge higher rates and fees due to bad credit. However, you need to know where you stand because you may get overcharged a lot without noticing by falling to many tricks that some lenders put into practice in order to deceive customers.

Non Traditional Lenders

As explained above, it is not possible to obtain finance with bad credit from traditional lenders or from car dealerships. Those lenders tend to escape from risky financial transactions and thus won’t lend money to people with defaults or a bankruptcy on their credit histories. Thus, if you need finance to purchase your car and your credit score is too low, you’ll need to search for alternative lenders.

The best place to find lenders is the internet. You can do a quick search for bad credit loans and many different alternatives will be presented to you as a result. However, you need to bear in mind that there are lenders that will charge you exorbitant interest rates or other fees and that you need to stay away from those lenders unless you don’t mind being overcharged when you could obtain financing with more reasonable costs.

Interest Rates And Hidden Fees

When comparing bad credit car loans, make sure to pay special attention to the APR. The APR is a rate that includes almost every interest rate, fee, cost that the loan comprises. Thus, it will help you compare the loans and see which one is the most advantageous alternative for you and your budget.

Beware of hidden fees and costs that may be included in the loan contract without you noticing them. Some lenders present the loans in terms of payments every $1000 dollars to conceal high interest rates. For example: $40 monthly every $1000 dollars for a 60 months bad credit car loan may sound very tempting but after doing your math, you’ll notice that the interest rate of such a loan is: 48% on an annual basis and 240% on the overall loan repayment program.

Comparing Is The Magic Word

In order to obtain the best terms possible on your bad credit loan you’ll need to compare what the different lenders have to offer and in order to do so you can analyze the loan by comparing the APRs, the loan repayment programs and the resulting monthly payments to see which one best accommodates to your budget and needs.

Only by comparing you’ll notice which lenders are overcharging and which ones are charging a reasonable interest rate and offering advantageous loan terms. Once you’ve selected the car loan you want, just contact the lender and wait for a response to your loan request.

Mary Wise, a professional consultant at  with twenty years in the financial field, prevents consumers from falling into the hands of fraudulent lenders. In her website you will find more useful tips and interesting financial articles on this and many other related topics.

Buy a Car With Bad Credit - 4 Tips on Getting Approved

Financing a new or used car with poor credit is feasible. However, there are ways to boost your approval chances and possibly acquire a reasonable interest rate. Do not enter the car buying process blindly. Individuals with good credit have many options. On the other hand, if your credit is bad, you must search for a good deal. Here are four tips to help you obtain a car loan with bad credit.

What is Your FICO Score?

FICO scores range from 300 to 850. The lower the score, the higher the interest rate received on an auto loan. Having a low credit score does not remove the possibility of getting a new or used car loan. However, a low credit rating will greatly affect the interest rate on these loans.

Before applying for an auto loan, obtain an online copy of your credit report and score. If your score is below 600, consider postponing buying a car. Instead, devote six months to improving your score.

Maintain Steady Employment

Along with credit report rating, auto loan lenders require applicants to have steady employment. Often times, an applicants must earn at least $1200 a month. Steady employment usually consists of having the same employer for 90 days. Thus, avoid changing employers every two to three months. To prove employment, auto loan lenders may request copies of recent paycheck stubs.

Get Pre-Approved with a Sub Prime Auto Lender

Before browsing the selection of vehicles at car dealerships, attempt to get approved with an online sub prime lender. These lenders help many people with bad credit obtain financing. There lending requirements are flexible; however, sub prime auto loans have higher interest rates. If eager to buy a new car, accept the higher rate, and then refinance at a later date.

Apply with a Co-Borrower

The easiest way to get approve for an auto loan with bad credit is to apply with a co-borrower. If the person co-signing the loan has excellent credit, this may justify a better rate. Of course, there are risks to using a co-signer. If the primary borrower becomes incapable of making regular monthly payments, the co-signer becomes responsible for the loan.

Carrie Reeder is the owner of  View her recommended sources for a bad credit car loan.

Turned Down for an Auto Loan? There are Options

In the current climate of declining property values, higher interest rates, and changes in available mortgage products, more and more homeowners are becoming delinquent or going into foreclosure. Many folks are losing their hat, their home and their good credit, through no fault of their own.

In addition, as a result of these challenges, many Americans also face the difficulty of getting approved for a car loan. Crawling out of the hole that a bad credit score creates can take years of persistence and patience. So, what can Americans in that predicament do until their score goes up? And what can they do to help get their scores up?

There are many lenders out there who understand this dilemma and offer an excellent way to start the long process of credit recovery. An auto loan with a trend of on-time payments is a great way to reestablish credit. A great place to start the loan process is online at a site like, a popular consumer automotive information site committed to helping customers with special finance needs get approved for a loan and into the right vehicle. is a free service that works with a nationwide network of finance companies and dealers to help customers with special finance needs. The service connects consumers with a dealer or lender who operates in the consumer's area, who specializes in secondary finance, and who is dedicated to helping car-buyers get the vehicle they want at a price they can afford. The advantage a site like provides is that consumers who have been turned down by other dealers or banks have an opportunity to find the right lender for their particular situation online and in the comfort of their own home.

"Knowing we would have to work with a bank that handled 'second chance' cases, I thought that they would put us in a cheap car, but this was not the case! They showed us a VW Jetta that was right within our price range and looked and drove like new!" says Kellie M., Waycross, Ga.

A site like also provides help for students or first-time car buyers, who struggle from the catch 22: How do you get a loan if you don't have credit, since you need credit to get a loan? believes that there is a lender for everyone.

Here is how the process works: Click on to help find your car loan, the online questionnaire only takes a few minutes to complete. then securely delivers your information to its network of third party lenders and dealers. Loan decisions normally occur within hours. While you're there, if you need to find out your credit rating, use Experian Automotive to receive a copy of your credit report online.

Also at you can search for a vehicle, see vehicle reviews, previews, videos, histories and discussions. Find a form, fill out the short application and learn about financing. You can compare vehicles and figure out your payment schedule with an online payment calculator.

To find out what vehicle you will qualify for, fill out the short application at,  and start improving your credit.

Credit Challenged Car Buyers Find Help Online

Eighty percent of all Americans have at least one blemish on their credit reports. And a third of all consumers have credit scores so bad that they may have difficulty securing a car loan. Yet credit experts agree that demonstrating responsibility by buying a car on credit, and making regular payments, is a good way to help improve a poor credit score.

"Credit challenged consumers can become trapped in a bad credit conundrum," says Travis Weisleder, president of "How can they improve their credit score if no one will give them credit? And remember, a spotty payment history is only one factor that can bring down a credit score. Having a low score does not automatically mean one is an irresponsible consumer."

A low credit score can virtually eliminate any chance of securing a car loan from a traditional lender. At best, it can mean a difference of a high versus low interest rate - and thousands of dollars over the life of a vehicle loan. Thousands of credit challenged consumers, however, are finding help - and securing loans - on the Information Superhighway. Online, companies are eager to compete for business from all consumers - not just those with spotless credit histories.

"Online lending is booming," Weisleder says. "People with good credit and credit problems are both finding online borrowing is a great way to get the money they need quickly. Services like can help match buyers with dealerships who are willing to work with them to secure financing and get them into a new or used vehicle.

Weisleder recommends consumers keep a few things in mind when shopping online for a car loan:

* First, clean up whatever you can on your credit report. Errors on credit reports are more common than you might think. Demand, in writing, that the credit agencies remove any erroneous information.

* Before you begin loan shopping, know what type of car you want to buy. Research your vehicle choices and find out how much car you can afford. An online calculator can help you determine what your monthly payment will be.

* Learn about the types of loans available. Not all loans are created equal. To get the best possible loan deal, educate yourself to know what product will best serve your needs.

* Research online lending resources. "Most traditional lenders now have an online presence as well," Weisleder says. "But if they turned you away in person, applying with them online is likely to yield the same result. A true online company, like that helps match you with the right dealer and financer, will be more flexible, faster and committed to getting you the funding you need." But, Weisleder cautions, don't apply to multiple lenders at once, as this may have a negative impact on your credit score. helps consumers buy new and used cars by searching a network of thousands of dealers and financing sources in all 50 states. There is no charge for the service, and applying online takes only a few minutes. Within 24 hours - and often sooner - consumers can be matched with a dealership willing to help them.

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