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Calilfornia Car Lemon Law & Dealer Fraud - Law Firm Launches Two Websites to Help Consumers Protect Their Rights and Recover Their Investments

 Buying or leasing a new or used vehicle is the second largest investment an individual or a family usually makes. As a consumer you always want that investment to hold its value, to be a reliable and safe mean of transportation. Unfortunately, from time to time consumers end up owning a vehicle that is not what they expected it to be. Two of the most common causes for that are pre-existing manufacturer's defects and intentional dealer fraud.

Many individuals have heard about the commonly known Lemon Law which was designed to protect consumers that end up with a new or used vehicle with significant manufacturer's defects that negatively affect the vehicle's use, value and/or safety. Most states have aggressive legislature set in place to protect the consumers' rights. These laws require the manufacturer to take the vehicle back, pay the consumer all his/her monthly payments, down payment, and any other forms of related expenses, in addition to all applicable attorney's and court fees. A Lemon Law Attorney can give you the advice you need as to what's the best way to solve your case. Since many times the dealers and manufacturers ignore these cases and downplay the extent of the loss, consulting a Lemon Law Attorney is almost necessary especially since many Lemon Law Firms do not charge the consumer for their services.

Consumers who are victims of intentional dealer fraud have similar rights and attorneys practicing in the area have many ways to protect the consumers. A dealer fraud specialist can help the consumer recover his or her actual losses and even recover punitive damages of up to 9 times the actual damages. In many instances buyers are tricked by the seller, often a large and reputable franchise dealer, to buy or lease vehicles with rolled back mileage, frame damage, previously rental cars, limos or even taxis without providing the appropriate disclosure statements. All such sales constitute dealer fraud and a skilled attorney can help the consumer recover his or her financial and punitive loss plus compensatory damages without spending any money on attorney's fees.

In instances of both dealer fraud and defectively manufactured vehicles, the consumer ends up with a vehicle that is unsafe to drive, requires constant repairs and is often worth only 70% to 30% of the amount actually paid by the consumer. The most common problems include, but are not limited to, engine problems, transmission problems, frame damage, body damage, odometer rollback, water leaks, paint defects, electrical problems, brake problems, steering problems among many other potential problems.

The Lemon Law and Dealer Fraud can be also filed for RVs, motor homes, motorcycles, trucks, boats, and many other "vehicles" that have motor/drive terrain warranty and safety regulations, state or federal.

The new websites for Lemon Law and Dealer Faud launched by The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian are designed to assist Calilfornia consumers with all of their Calilfornia Lemon Law, Dealer Fraud and related cases. To deal with the negligence and abuse of power towards the consumers, the law firm has vast experience in the automotive industry and has successfully recovered thousands of dollars lost by consumers.

Hovanes Margarian is a USC Law School graduate with extensive previous experience in the automotive industry as the founder and co-owner of a nationwide vehicle brokerage firm. All the cases taken by Mr. Margarian's law offices are related to vehicles, vehicle defects, vehicle sales fraud and DMV issues. For more information about the offices and the areas of practice you can visit and or call toll free 866-97-LEMON (1-866-975-3666) for a no cost consultation about your case.

Calilfornia Lemon Law Arbitrations

Calilfornia lemon law arbitration procedure can only be availed of, if the vehicle or consumer goods in question are bought after 1986. There is a condition in the warranty specifically stating that the manufacturer uses better business bureau's BBB auto line arbitration, to settle claims.

If the above conditions are satisfied, it is better to directly inform the manufacturer about the defects in the auto or the goods in question. A customer complaint or a record number can be obtained from the manufacturer's office. This number is the proof that the owner has informed the manufacturer about the defects and may be required in the court proceedings, if any.

The manufacturer then directs the buyer to the BBB auto line department for a claim form that is to be filled up and submitted along with other documents, such as a copy of the purchase contract. The BBB then forwards the claim form to the manufacturer who either settles the claim or contests it. If the claim is settled then there is no need to take the proceedings any further. However if the claim is not settled, then the owner is entitled to an arbitration that is provided by the BBB auto line department.

Arbitration means that the owner of the product or the car will get a chance to tell his side of the story to an impartial judge, at the BBB department. The judge or the arbitrator will then decide upon the outcome of the case, after he has listened to the manufacturer's representative.

The arbitrator's decision is binding upon the manufacturer but not on the owner. This means that the manufacturer is legally bound to heed the decision of the BBB arbitrator. The BBB auto line program is free and should be completed within 40 days of commencement.

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Calilfornia-based Troops Get Extra Lemon Law Protection

Gov. Schwarzenegger signed SB 234 today, which gives troops stationed in Calilfornia protection from cars that go bad.

Rosemary Shahan, of Consumers for Automotive Reliability and Safety (CARS), says it doesn’t represent a “huge expansion” of Calilfornia’s already well-regarded Lemon Law, but it is the first improvement to it in 7 years.

Previously, the state’s Lemon Law only applied to cars bought here in Calilfornia. Now, its protection extends to the 160,000 or so troops stationed here, even if they bought cars elsewhere and moved them to Calilfornia.

Some of these troops are then shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan, leaving family to deal with problematic cars. This will give the soldiers and sailors one less thing to worry about, Shahan said. “They have other things they need to focus on.”

Warrantied new or used vehicles that haven’t been fixed in four tries can be designated as lemons and are subject to a buy-back from the manufacture.

The bill was introduced by Sen. Ellen Corbett, D-San Leandro. It takes effect Jan. 1, 2008, and protects military personnel who buy a new or used vehicle after that date.

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